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Nelydia Jewels

Nelydia Senrose, actress and founder of Nelydia Jewels, has deep fascination towards the world of jewelry and finds fulfilment when using her platform to share her passion with the community. She finds that jewelry is the epitome of a woman’s character and personality.

The twin team, Nur Lina Rahim and Nur Lini Rahim, also shares the same passion which led to a friendship that swiftly became a partnership between the three.

The dream team takes great gratification and enjoyment when creating their products. From the jewelry design sketches, to the moment their products leave their hands to the consumers, they hope their customers will wear them with such delight and appreciation.

Nelydia Jewels believes that jewelry is a staple piece to every women’s daily life, and that we should always leave a little sparkle wherever we go.

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